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Vacuum Sintering Furnace

The C.I. Hayes CVCQ-LAM Vacuum Sintering Furnace uniquely combines atmosphere delubrication and vacuum sintering.


An in-line atmosphere delube/preheat section and integral vacuum sintering chamber allow for processing of powder metal (P/M) compacts at conventional or high temperatures.


Processing versatility includes: conventional ferrous and ferrous alloy materials, stainless steels, tool steels, sinterhard alloys and custom blends. High pressure gas quenching, oil quenching or gas cooling is available.


Electrically heated or gas fired with conventional or rapid heating provides unparalleled flexibility.


Our proven atmosphere add-on module can process parts under dry or saturated nitrogen/hydrogen mixtures, dissociated ammonia or exothermic gas.


C.I. Hayes' exclusive atmosphere to vacuum transition module assures continuous high volume production with the benefits of both atmosphere and vacuum.

Modular Heat Treat Vacuum Furnace System
Modular Heat Treat Vacuum Furnace System

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