Humpback Conveyor Belt Furnaces

For applications that require extremely low dewpoints, low oxygen levels, and the use of hydrogen atmosphere, the C.I. Hayes “BAC-MH” Humpback Conveyor Belt Furnace is a proven design.


It is a mesh belt conveyor furnace that surrounds its raised heating chamber and main cooling sections with inclined entry and exit tunnels, thereby taking advantage of the low density nature of hydrogen gas. Heavier air stays low with minimal infiltration past the furnace doors.  Light hydrogen stays high in the heating and cooling zones. This design makes extremely low dewpoints and oxygen levels possible in the furnace, necessary for processing stainless steel and other materials.


Introduced in the 1950’s, the humpback furnace has evolved through sound engineering design to provide stable and uniform process conditions, longevity of furnace parts and relative ease of maintenance.

Humpback Conveyor Belt Furnace by C.I. Hayes

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