Bell / Retort Furnaces

The C.I. Hayes Type OLB Series Atmosphere Furnaces are designed for heat treating applications requiring close control of both temperature and protective atmosphere.


These modern and compact furnaces are engineered for consistent, efficient service utilizing protective atmospheres. They can be furnished with all necessary instrumentation and atmosphere control equipment.


C.I. Hayes' OLB Furnaces can be used with hyrogen, dissociated ammonia, forming gas, nitrogen, argon and helium gas. They can be used for a variety of applications, including tempering of martensitic stainless steel, high speed steels and tool steels, stress relief, annealing, aging of precipitation hardening materials, nitriding, brazing, magnetic annealing, beryllium copper and pre-firing glass to metal seal components.

Atmosphere Bell Retort Furnace
Atmosphere Bell Retort Furnace

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